The Cornel ESU forms the basis of the Cornel Service team and is rather special. It exists for anyone who has an interest in helping to maintain Cornel, working as part of a team in Scouting and making new friends.

How does it work?

If you're a member of an ESU anywhere, then you can join the Cornel ESU as well. You retain membership of your own unit but you belong to both, wearing both name tapes.

What does it involve?

The service team meets and stays at Cornel twice a year - October and February - during the half terms. You stay for as much of the time as you want. It's a good idea to come with a friend the first time, but you'll soon find the regular members are a pretty friendly bunch.

How does it fit in with D of E?

Service team hours are recorded and rewarded as well as qualifying for the Skills and Community Service elements of the Awards. Best of all, the Unit weekends are great fun.

Where do the present members come from, mainly?

The present Unit is drawn from Colwyn Bay and Shropshire but membership is open to all of the UK (as well as to those who don't currently have enough spare time to be a member of their local ESU, but can find time for this kind of Unit). If you're worried about joining a new unit by yourself, why not try to persuade a pal to come along with you? You'll have the satisfaction of making a major contribution to the maintenance of the Welsh Scout Council's premier site, completing large chunks of your D of E service and / or skill components and - best of all - you'll have a great time.

If you're interested in the Unit or for more information, email or contact ESL Dave Perry on: 01492 518784. A contact has also been set up within Shropshire for enquiries. Contact Jason . Both these contacts are members of the Cornel Management Committee.



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