Safety first

We take the safety and security of Cornel users very seriously and, although the area is exceptionally safe and free from the hazards normally associated with dense population centres, it still makes sense to takeboys care. The following information is important.

Cornel is a remarkably safe environment and lies in Terrain Zero (Scouts) as does all the ground to the South and East towards Betws y Coed and Llanrwst. Activities in Terrain Zero (see POR 9.26) do not require a mountain authorisation but do require your DC's approval so have a word with him or her before you book up.


and members of the management team often come over to Cornel to meet groups from time to time. Please note that all these people carry photographic ID, wear the Cornel Service Team Uniform and carry the keys to Cornel, so it makes sense to ask to see evidence of this before you allow anyone on your site or in the house or Annex. If you're unsure about anyone, then telephone one of the Warden team for verification - their numbers are above the telephone in the main house.


The animals grazing behind the fences in the marshy area of the land comprise sheep and young cattle. Sheep also occasionally graze the camping fields. The young cattle are inquisitive but benign, although they might scare the younger children. Please ensure children don't run away from them, as this can encourage them to follow and - although they're generally much more scared of us than we of them, it's always possible for them to step on an unsuspecting foot, and that hurts! Standing still and waving arms will cause them to move back allowing a calm exit from the situation. As a general principle, it's worth knowing that Cattle have a 'flight space', similar to humans' personal space. Approaching cattle head on is seen as threatening, so always approach from the side. As Cattle also have about a 300 degree visual field, they'll see you easily, and can move away without hurting you. On a more serious note, to avoid stomach upsets, it's particularly important for campers to wash hands before eating to avoid cross contamination with animal faeces.


Because there are no full-time wardens on site, all groups are responsible for providing their own first aid equipment


The latest weather information for the Snowdonia National Park, in which Cornel is situated, can be found here

Weather in the mountains can change with frightening rapidity and it's always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. Cornel is completely shielded from the prevailing winds by the mountains to the South and West, but squally showers can still appear over the ridges with little warning, so a good fire shelter (if camping) is essential. Gales across the mountains can also produce local vortices in the centre of the valley, which can cause campers on Lake View some problems.

Insect life

Ticks, horseflies and midges are the only problems. Info here...


Cornel lands are not part of the 'right to roam' areas, and the public have no right of access. However, folk on holiday sometimes mistake an open gate for a national park car park, and simply drive in. If the gate is shut they won't do this, as the sign on the gate is very clear.

POSTAL ADDRESS & TELEPHONE : Cornel Scout Centre, Crafnant Road, Trefriw, North Wales LL27 OJZ. Tel: 01492 640429


Tap Is on the field by the gate into the site.

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