We've made our booking system

as easy to use as we can. Nonetheless, because almost everyone in Scouting is an unpaid volunteer, we do ask you to check your dates carefully, especially when receiving the initial confirmation from the booking secretary.


By the far the easiest and best way to check availability is to email the booking secretary to cjeck availability. A provisional booking can then be made which will be held for 10 days.

Once you've made a provisional booking, print out the Scout booking form or the Non-Scout form as applicable and send it, complete with a 50% deposit, within the 10 days allowed to the address shown on the form and NOT to Cornel itself.

snowNights away permits (Scout users only)

You must bring your relevant Nights Away Permit (Indoor, Scout camp site or Green field) with you for inspection by the Wardens or Key holder. Please note that Green field or Scout Camp site permit holders do not require an indoor permit. However, those holding only an indoor permit cannot camp without one of the other two permits.

The booking forms and prices

All our forms and prices can be found on our "process" page, or by following this link.

Non Scout visitors

Generally, there are no special requirements for non-scout groups involved with children. For local authorities who wish to view a copy of our Public Liability Insurance, a pdf of it may be downloaded from here. For other organisations not primarily involved with children, it is a requirement of booking that you must read the Scout Association's child protection policy and complete the booking form accordingly.

Three VERY IMPORTANT points:

1. We encounter serious difficulties with bookings from folk who don't seem to know their email address or who provide their work telephone number only. Misspelled email addresses can cause major problems for us. It's always better to email us, so we have an indisputable copy of your email address. We'd also ask that you always provide your home telephone number unless you're a school or college.

2. When you email or use our online form, we reply as soon as we can - normally within twelve hours. However, we only tell you what dates are available. You must confirm that you want to reserve those dates for ten days. If you don't, then the reservation doesn't go into our system, and you might be disappointed.

3. When we respond to your enquiry, we do so with details of your proposed booking at the top LH corner of the email. If you subsequently email us for anything to do with the booking, please include that information in your own email.




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