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is open between Easter and the end of September. Your group will be allocated a site about three weeks prior to your visit and it's important you set up within the site allocated, as the other sites will have been allocated to groups arriving later. When booking please state the number of tents and campers as this helps us to provide you with the best site. Sites are generally allocated on the size of your group, but, as we're wonderful people, we also try to accommodate special requests. To ensure the best possible camping experience for everyone, we restrict the number of groups camping to four at any one time. We also allocate your site by email three weeks prior to your visit. If you don't check your map and subsequently set up in the wrong place you will be asked to move...

Really useful tip 1...

Our busiest camping weeks are the last in July and the first in August, and these, therefore, become booked up very early, since we restrict the total number of camping groups to four at any one time. However, the remaining weeks in August are sometimes very quiet, and your group can often expect to have some twelve or twenty acres to itself, camping at that time. Recently, some groups have started holding their week long camps at Whit, when the weather is generally kind, the insect life non-existent and the site virtually empty.badge

Cornel Blanket Badge

Cornel has its very own Blanket Badge These are on sale at £1.00 each when you make your booking. Please indicate quantity on the booking form. They will be available for collection from the key holder, when you pick up your keys for Cornel. If, however, you need them posted before the camp, there will be a very small P & P charge.

Really useful tip 2...

We've noticed some groups ordering the blanket badges well before the camp, then issuing each camper with a 'camp neckerchief', with the badges ironed on, as a souvenir.

Cub Scouts

Cornel is perfect for district cub camps, and ideally suited for group cub camps.


Really useful tip 3...

When you arrive at the camp, get to know the other groups in camp at the same time. It makes it much easier when working out whose turn it is to clean the camping block, or to retrieve lost items when the smaller ones leave 'em behind.

Fires and cooking

Wood fires are encouraged but wood is - as everywhere - in short supply. Do not cut any live timber, either on the site or in surrounding woodlands. When making fireplaces, please cut turf and make the fires on the earth, so the fireplaces can be restored before you leave.


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