Cornel lies in the heart of one of the most spectacularly beautiful national parks in the UK. We're not the only people there, however, and we share the valley with neighbouring farms and smallholdings. Those who visit and live in the area do so because of its beauty, its remoteness and its peace and tranquility, something which is easily damaged by the thoughtless use of radios for entertainment. The motionless air in the valley - particularly in summer - allows sound to travel for considerable distances and it's therefore important to ensure that radios are not used, other than for essential purposes, which is really only weather reports. It doesn't do the youngsters any harm to have their umbilical connections to Radio cut for the length of the camp, either:-)) After 2230 hrs, campers are asked to remember that many farming folk will be in bed, ready for very early starts, and leaders are requested to ensure activities after that time are organised quietly. Camp fires, of course, are an essential aspect of Scout camping and are encouraged.


Mobile generators

Running a generator creates an intrusive noise which - in the valley - can disturb other campers. During the day, this is not usually a problem, but when running overnight the noise is unacceptable. Please seek specific permission when intending to bring a generator. Normally, those for refrigerators will not be permitted, as the noise is constant. Gas 'fridges are available (not from us) and silent and there is both a Fridge and a Freezer available for the use of groups in the camping block end room.


Please park end on to both longitudinal edges of the car park. Minibuses shold be parked across the gateway at the East end.In busy periods the car park can become crowded. Please liaise with each other so you know whose car is parked where at all times.

Camp fires

Cooking on open fires is encouraged but wood is - as everywhere - in short supply. Do not cut any live timber, either on the site or in surrounding woodlands. When making fireplaces, please cut turf and make the fires on the earth, so the fireplaces can be restored before you leave.

MEDICAL & OTHER CONTACT POINTS are listed in the manuals and above the telephone at the Centre.

Doctor: The surgery, Scotland St, Llanrwst 640411

Hospital: Llandudno General 860066 (14 miles), Glan Clwyd 01745 583910 (17 miles), Bangor 01248 384384 (22 miles)

Dentist: Dr. Begg, Llanrwst Dental Practice, Watling Street, Llanrwst 01492 641000


Somerfields (Llanrwst) , Spar (Llanrwst) both open 0800 – 2000 7 days, Tesco (Llandudno junction)


Once you pass through the lower gate onto the camping field you are entering an SSSI. The main area of interest is the marsh which contains many rare plants & flowers. This area is now fenced off to allow cattle to graze in certain months of the year. Access is provided to the marsh by a gate and stiles. Please use these & don't climb the fence!


Please burn and bash everything that can be burnt or bashed either on your site if camping or at the stone incinerator on the Bothy site. Anything that can't be burnt should be packed into black plastic bags & placed in the large skip in the car park.

Site address and telephone number NB: not for booking communications

Cornel Scout Centre, Crafnant Road, Trefriw, Conwy LL27 0JZ Tel: 01492 640429




























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