Camper shelter facilities

Campers have their own purpose built camping block, situated behind the main buildings. It comprises four unisex toilets, three fully enclosed showers, special needs facilities, a covered washing up area outside, a large room doubling as a drying room and a wet weather room.block

There's also a fridge and a freezer - both industrial size - and a small, two hob electric cooker for emergency catering only.

Electricity for the wall heaters and the electric cooker is controlled by a £1 coin meter. Hot water for showers is included in your booking fee. Please emphasise to your groups that conservation of both water and gas is very important, particularly to Cornel, as we depend on streams which can run dry in extreme conditions.


It's the responsibility of all the groups in camp to keep the camp block clean. When there's more than one group in camp, groups are expected to work together and arrange a rota for cleaning so the camp block is kept clean and the 'fridges are left empty after groups have departed.


Really useful tip 3...

When you arrive at the camp, get to know the other groups in camp at the same time. It makes it much easier when working out whose turn it is to clean the camping block, or to retrieve lost items when the smaller ones leave 'em behind.


Please keep the field gates shut as sheep or swamp cattle can enter the field & they can create a mess. It's also important to keep the main gate from the road into Cornel closed at all times, since the public use the road and an open gate is often seen as an invitation by those on holiday to drive in and even pitch up for the night. .

Fires and cooking

Wood fires are encouraged but wood is - as everywhere - in short supply. Do not cut any live timber, either on the site or in surrounding woodlands. Lying wood may be gathered from the woodlands above the site.

When making fireplaces, please cut turf and make the fires on the earth, so the fireplaces can be restored before you leave.


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